Kate Nicholl

Kate Nicholl:

Kate is a career procurement and supply chain person, and she uses her in depth experience to educate and inform businesses and consumers on supply chain issues across a broad range of mediums. She teaches and contributes to research at Melbourne University, is a freelance writer, and a management consultant for boutique consultancy ‘State of Flux’ Most recently her focus has been on helping clients tackle social issues in the supply chain, and as evidenced by the content in this blog. She has experience first hand working with community groups on anti-human trafficking programs on the ground in India and Bangladesh, and is currently working on research into the Thai fishing industry.

Data Motivate


Datamotivate assist in the web development, data analysis and background work in the creation of this blog and its posts. Based in the Philippines, DataMotivate was established as a business process outsourcing centre by a group of finance BPO professionals in partnership with local NGO’s, most particularly World Vision and International Justice Mission in order to provide excellence in business services to global corporates as well as having a social impact by providing employment opportunities to graduates of world vision and IJM programs in the Philippines. DataMotivate recruit and train highly capable candidates from some of the most vulnerable populations and those ‘highly at-risk’ of exploitation. In this way we are part of a long term and sustainable solution to the fight against poverty and in recovery for survivors of trafficking, by offering a supportive work environment and opportunity to restore their lives through the dignity of work. So the really cool thing about this site, is that it was developed by survivors of trafficking who have successfully rebuilt their lives!