Tea expert interview

Interview with 'Mr John' a tea expert in Northern India. He is the CEO of the CEC India, a group that supports small independent tea growers, and shares with us the impact of low prices for tea on tea garden workers

Rana Plaza three years on from the factory collapse

In April 2013 a garment factory making clothes exclusively for export to the west collapsed killing more than 1100 people. We went there for ourselves to see what is there now and what has changed in the wake of the event.

Truth about tea plantations

The tea plantations in northern India are a rich source of human supply for human traffickers on the subcontinent. This is because the worker conditions are so poor, the workers are so desperate that they face no other options but to send their children away. This video explains how this could even be possible.

India tea plantations and surrounds

Images of the tea plantations in India, worker conditions and how they live.

Indian Slum Life

Sharing images of the slums in India and conditions the poorest within the caste system live in.