Stop the Traffik – campaigners against social harms in the supply chain

Stop the Traffik – campaigners against social harms in the supply chain

This week we had the pleasure of meeting with Carolyn and Fuzz Kitto, co-directors of the Australian arm of ‘Stop The Traffik’

Stop the Traffik is a charity that focusses specifically on raising awareness and minimising human trafficking and slave labour in the supply chain. Their main campaign focus is tea, cocoa and fashion, they do this through industry events, publications and lobbying corporates directly to drive change. 

Carolyn tells us that they are starting to see a shift in consumer focus from pure trust in the brand or retailer, to starting to question how items were made, including the raw materials that went into the manufacturing.



As well as raising awareness here in Australia, much work is done by ‘stop the traffik’ in looking at methods where human trafficking can be prevented by ensuring that those working within the supply chain in poorer countries are paid a living wage, and also that we here as consumers take steps to inform ourselves about the key products where these harms exist and make better buying choices.



One key win for ‘Stop the Traffik’ was working with Haighs chocolates in their ethical sourcing certification. In our discussion with Haighs, supply chain manager Peter Millard spoke highly of the work done by the group in turning the discussion from problem focussed to solution focussed. The problem then becomes something that can be tackled one step at a time, rather than something that is insurmountable.

We’ll be travelling to India in January with Stop the Traffik working with local groups who rescue trafficked persons. Stay tuned to the blog to follow our adventures!

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